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Why is the Facebook business page not your website?

small business web design blog post

No matter how fabulous your Facebook page is, you still need a website to flourish your business. I might seem like a crazy person to you, but let me explain why a Facebook page is not enough for your online presence. Most people are comfortable with social media platforms that do not cost a penny. But do you know success starts when you come out of your comfort zone? Yes, it’s 100% true! 

Regardless of the reason that Facebook has billions of active users and so many business owners rely on their Facebook pages only. You are not an ordinary person. Your business, even if it’s small, deserves more exposure. I am not debating on not having a Facebook page for your business, but a website is a necessity too.  

Reasons to create a website for your business: 

I know it’s an effort-demanding task to design an entire website, but it’s worth more than a typical Facebook page. This doesn’t mean you should get your business off of Facebook. Here are the advantages you can get through the website: 

  1. You can personalize your site to meet your business objectives 

  1. Many people don’t use Facebook but all can access your website 

  1. Make your site rank higher on Google 

  1. Websites offer more analytic options 

  1. Earning opportunities through advertisement 

  1. You can give up on a Facebook page

1. You can personalize your site to meet your business objectives: 

You get limited options to show professionalism for your business on a Facebook page. Even your 100% effort on the page will cause a pre-defined blue and white template that might not attract your customers. 

Contrary to this, you can easily customize your website just the way you want to prompt your potential customers. You can choose from unlimited creative designs that suit your business objectives professionally. Also, a website gives all information about your brand that your customers are looking for. In short, you have freedom on the website.

2. Many people don’t use Facebook but all can access your website: 

Though there are billions of active accounts on Facebook that make it a successful social media platform, yet billions of people don’t use it. For a better response from your audience, you need a platform where everyone can approach your business easily. 

3. Make your site rank higher on Google: 

People always prefer search engines over Facebook to look for services. On Facebook, you cannot enjoy the advantage of SEO while the chance to make your content fully optimized on your website can upgrade your level from lowest to top-ranking sites. This way you can earn trust and increase traffic on it. 

4. Websites offer more analytic options: 

Facebook provides you with limited information about how many people visited your brand a day, what path directed a user to your brand, what items he was more intended to, bounce rate and the dwell time, click-through rate, and other algorithms. It offers all these outstanding options on websites to keep tracking your website. 

5. Earning opportunities through advertisement: 

Website users get an excellent chance to earn extra money by providing a space on their site or getting sponsorship from any other organization. You can get this increment too through your business website. Facebook doesn’t provide you this amazing offer. 

6You can give up on a Facebook page: 

It usually happens when you work with a mere Facebook page, after a certain time period your page loses users’ attention. They might follow you, but won’t check your page frequently. Your products will just pop up on their timeline and get ignored. The reason is many people use social media for entertainment and don’t want to see selling stuff on it. Resultantly, you will start giving up on your own page. This doesn’t happen with a website. Every time people visit your site, you have time to rank higher and higher and bring more customers. This keeps your morale high for an effective business. 

In a nutshell, make a Facebook page that directs the audience to your business site. Use the tactic of a multi-channel approach to do a successful business. Keep your website user-friendly and fully optimized! 

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